Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Yuri & Seo in Disneyland~*

Nach der Tour gingen SNSD's Yuri und Seohyun ins Disneyland in Tokyo. 

Seohyun hinterlies eine Nachricht auf der Offiziellen Webseite der Mädchen :

Hello~ This is Seohyun, and Yuri^^ Japan Arena Tour! 20 concerts! Today was the last day~! Kyak!! We can’t believe it’s already the last one~ We had so much fun with everyone that we didn’t notice the time fly by~
This picture is from our date on a spring day at Disneyland~ Seo-Sparrow and Donald-Yul!! keke The weather changes are severe lately, so be careful not to catch a cold~ Everyone enjoy the warm spring weather and have a great day ^^♥


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