Sonntag, 28. April 2013

SNSD Ende der 2nd Japan Tour~*

Es tut mir so leid dass ich seit einer Woche keinen einzigen Eintrag gemacht habe !! Ich war in den Ferien...

Es ist doch immer das selbe mit den KPOP-News -.- Immer dann wenn man keine Zeit hat oder weg ist passiert so viel TT__TT
Wo soll ich nur beginnen...

SNSD hat die 2nd Japan Tour zu ende gebracht !!

 Als Special-Performance haben die Mädchen die Acapella Version von 'Into the new World' gesungen und Taeyeon hat einen Brief für die Fans vorgelesen. Diese zwei Sachen standen nicht auf dem Programm.

Auf der SONE PLUS+ haben die Girls eine Nachricht mit einem Foto an alle Fans hinterlassen :

To all the fans who came to Girls’ Generation’s tour! Thank you very much ^^ Thanks to you all, we were able to have another wonderful memory♪ We will continue to try hard from now on so please keep cheering for us!

 Später hat Sooyoung nochmals eine Danksagung plus drei Fotos auf der Offiziellen Webseite gepostet:

I was grateful to every SONE that flooded the concert stadiums with pink every time!! I won’t forget the 20 precious times this happened ♥ I couldn’t help but cry after making eye contact with each and everyone one of you singing along and cheering us on ㅜ ㅜ ., But the moment we get off stage, we decided to display a moment of “high fashion”,, Puhaha., Let’s meet each other again SONE ^-^♥ Soon!!

This picture was taken with my phone!!

Der Japanische LINE-Account von SNSD postete ein Bild und schrieb dazu :

Good evening everyone! It’s Girls’ Generation :) Yesterday the 2nd Japan tour ended ;_; We were a little uneasy because there were more dates than last time, however, thanks to you all we were able to have fun, live concerts :) We made many precious memories with everyone☆☆
Also, we are trying hard and looking forward to seeing everyone soon <3 On May 29th, our new single ‘LOVE&GIRLS’ will be released, so please wait ;) ♪

Auf SONE PLUS+ wurde zum Schluss nochmals ein grosses Danke mit einem Bild veröffentlicht:

Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN.
It’s Girls’ Generation~ ^^
To all the fans who came to the tour, thank you so much!
We were able to meet you all just about every week, so it was a very happy three months.
The concert venues filled with pink penlights, handmade [cosplay] costumes and pink towels, everyone who wore the tour T-shirt and more, spending Sooyoung, Taeyeon, and Jessica’s birthdays with everyone… we will never forget any of it.
Also, after the concerts ended, the special time when we met those backstage became precious memories.  When we opened the door to the waiting room, seeing that everyone was so happy or crying made us feel that we’re loved so much that our hearts ached.  We are really~, really~ thankful for all the fans who support Girls’ Generation.
In order to be able to respond to all your cheers, we will try our best from now on, so please warmly watch over Girls’ Generation. Thank you.


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